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30 September, 2015

JAPC Complains to NRA about “Unfair” Evaluation that Tsuruga NPS Lies above Fault Zone

On September 25, the Japan Atomic Power Co. (JAPC) submitted an opinion to Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) concerning that organization’s determination of the existence of a fault zone of crushed rock lying under the Tsuruga Nuclear Power Station.

JAPC's Tsuruga-2

Ever since May 2013, when an NRA expert panel first released an evaluation recognizing an active fault running directly under the Tsuruga-2 (PWR, 1160MWe) reactor building, requiring consideration in aseismic design, JAPC has repeatedly presented various counterarguments challenging the examination procedure as well as the scientific and technological conclusions.

JAPC’s latest written submission notes the necessity of continuing to “objectively” verify the relationships between facts and NRA’s responses so far, and presents a new formulation of “unfair issues” in that organization’s series of activities related to examinations and evaluation reports.

Specifically, JAPC referred to the following actions of the NRA:

  • Agreements made but not kept.
  • Submissions of materials not accepted and attendance of experts refused.
  • Refusal to hear counterarguments and discussions unilaterally terminated.
  • Questions left unanswered and opinions not responded to.
  • Grounds and evidence not presented.
  • Various scientific and technological problems.

At a meeting with NRA representatives on September 25, JAPC asked that organization “not to describe the panel’s evaluation as ‘important knowledge’ that would have a bearing on its examination to confirm whether the Tsuruga NPPs was compatible with the new regulatory standards.”

In December 2014, the NRA had said that it would refer to the expert panel’s evaluation of an active fault at the site as “important knowledge” in its compatibility examination.


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