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Venue of the school

The venue for your second week (from 24 to 28 July) will be at National Institute of Technology, Fukushima College (Fukushima KOSEN) in Iwaki city, Fukushima Prefecture.

Hotel in Iwaki city

Hotel Select Inn Iwaki Ekimae
1-2Ta-machih Hiraki Iwaki-city Fukushima Prefecture
Zip Code:970-8026
Tel: +81(246)-24-1515


Daily breakfast is included in the room rate at the hotel. It will be served from 6:30 AM.


You can have lunch at a canteen of the venue (National Institute of Technology, Fukushima College). You can also bring your own lunch. You can buy light meals and snacks for your lunch at convenience stores around your hotel before you get on the bus.


There are many restaurants near your hotel.

And you can also buy light meals, fruits, snacks and other food at convenience stores and supermarket around your hotel.


There will be a Reception party (supper time) on 24 July.
Light meals will be served at the time.


  • International Atomic Energy Agency
  • JAIF International Cooperation Center
  • Japan Atomic Energy Agency
  • Japan Atomic Industrial Forum
  • Japan Nuclear Human Resource Development Network
  • National Institute of Technology, Fukushima College
  • National Institute of Technology, Japan
  • The University of Tokyo