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Purpose and Activities

The Japan Atomic Industrial Forum,Inc. (JAIF) was incorporated as the comprehensive non-governmental organization on nuclear energy in Japan on March 1, 1956.

JAIF is a non-profit organization incorporated under the auspices of the industry to promote peaceful utilization of nuclear energy for the benefit of Japanese nationals in consideration of the importance of the peaceful use of nuclear energy, radioisotopes and radiation in a wide variety of fields. JAIF intends to make a comprehensive study of nuclear energy, exchange knowledge and incorporate various opinions into a consensus, to support the establishment of the government's nuclear energy development and utilization plan and the promotion of its policies, and to help sound development of the national economy and well-being.

To achieve these objectives, JAIF implements the following activities.
  • Formation of a National Consensus for Nuclear Energy Development
  • Proposal and Recommendation to the Governmental Agencies and the Diet on Nuclear Policy
  • Planning and Review of Nuclear Energy Development and Utilization Plan
  • Cooperation with International Organizations and the Promotion of International Cooperation
  • Fact-finding Surveys in Japan and Abroad on Nuclear Matters
  • Information Service
  • Training of Nuclear Experts
  • Holding, Housing Conferences and Meetings (JAIF Annual Conference, etc.)
  • Dissemination of Knowledge Concerning Nuclear Energy
  • Liaison among JAIF Members
Promotion of Nuclear Energy Development Policy

For the sound development of our national economy and welfare, it is necessary to secure economical and stable energy resources in Japan with scarce domestic resources. Among various energy sources, nuclear energy can play a vital role in meeting the growing energy demands as the main energy source while maintaining the natural environment by releasing no greenhouse gas.

JAIF contributes to the development of a healthy and quality human life through the applications of various nuclear techniques in industry as well as in daily life.

JAIF enhances cooperation and communication among the industries, local autonomies, the academic circles, mass media and other groups involved in and related with nuclear energy development.

Close contacts are also maintained with relevant overseas organizations such as International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the OECD/Nuclear Energy Agency, etc.

JAIF encourages the Diet and the Government to reflect its opinion in formulating national nuclear policy and program by submitting recommendations.

On October 23 2006, the Japan Atomic Industry Forum (JAIF) issued the "Nuclear Industry Safety Charter" a document containing principles that are intended for JAIFmember companies and others engaged in nuclear-related businesses always to keep in mind.

International Conferences

JAIF Annual Conference

The JAIF Annual Conference is held every spring to provide a forum where leaders of the world nuclear community meet in Japan. The conference, aimed at contributing to formulating the national nuclear energy policy and enhancing public understanding, is regarded as a major international event to review and discuss important topics on nuclear energy in the world. It attracts over one thousand participants including invited speakers and panelists from home and abroad. Some sessions are open to the public to let them express their views on nuclear energy issues.

International Cooperation

JAIF associates closely with other forums and related organizations in more than 20 countries such as the U.S.A., France and Korea, to exchange information and hold joint meetings.

JAIF also authored memorandums for cooperation with overseas organizations in Vietnam, Korea, Russia, and China. Based on these memorandums, various seminars and meetings are held as well as mutual visits.

List of Memorandums or Agreements
  • Korea Atomic Industrial Forum (in 1973)
  • USSR State Committee on Utilization of Atomic Energy (the present State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM) (in 1977)
  • Ministry of Nuclear Industry of China (the present China National Nuclear Corporation) (in 1981)
  • Russian Research Center "Kurchatov" (in 1993)
  • Russian Academy of Science (in 1999)
  • Vietnam Atomic Energy Commission (in 1999)
  • China Nuclear Energy Association (in 2009)
  • U.K. Nuclear Industry Association (in 2012)
  • FORATOM (in 2012)
Seminars and Meetings with Overseas Organizations
  • JAIF-KAIF Seminar on Nuclear Industry
  • Sino-Japanese Seminar on Nuclear Safety
  • Japan-Russia Seminar (occasionally)
  • Japanese and French Nuclear Experts Meeting (N-20)

JAIF was given consultative status as a non-government organization for the first time by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in 1960. Since then, JAIF has close relation with the Agency's activities and has internationally promoted the peaceful use of nuclear energy.

JAIF is also working to promote so-called 3S's initiative, Safety, Safeguards, Security/ nuclear non-proliferation in the international community.

Promotion of Cooperation in Asia

JAIF corresponds systematically and effectively to cooperation requests from Asian nations, where needs and interests in the development of nuclear technology has progressed rapidly in recent years. In this context, JAIF has set up and closely works with JICC, JAIF International Cooperation Center, a core organization to serve in Japan's cooperative efforts toward developing infrastructure in countries planning to introduce nuclear power.

Participation in the International Meetings and Exhibitions

JAIF takes an active role in promoting Japan's participation in the international events. JAIF makes various arrangements for organization teams of the industries for conference and exhibitions.

Study Groups and Missions

JAIF organizes and assists study groups and missions overseas to visit related facilities, examine nuclear energy development and exchange the first-hand information.

Studies and Information Services

JAIF works vigorously to study, compile and distribute information on a wide range of topics including the current status of nuclear development, safety, nuclear fuel cycle, siting, R&D in nuclear fusion, multiple utilization of nuclear energy, radioisotopes and use of radiation in Japan and abroad. In particular, the information on overseas nuclear energy is distributed to its members and related organizations as well as the general public. JAIF has also been engaged for fifty years in a well-proven, fact-finding survey of the Japanese nuclear industry to keep track of and predict economic activities in nuclear arena by the electric industry, mining and other industrial sectors and commercial establishments in Japan.

"Atoms in Japan" (Web)

"Atoms in Japan" is compiled and published in English on Web page as the only regular such publication furnishing important nuclear news from both industry and the government.

"World Nuclear Power Plants "

JAIF surveys annually on all nuclear power plants in the world covering output, types of reactor, start-up dates, owners, operators, main contractors, and suppliers of plants and components.

Periodical Publications in Japanese
  • The Atomic Industrial Journal (Weekly)
  • Nuclear Information (Occasionally)
  • Nuclear Survey Report (Occasionally)
  • World Nuclear Power Plants (Annually)
  • Fact-Finding Survey of the Japanese Nuclear Industry (Annually)
  • Nucleonics Week Japanese Edition (Weekly)
    (Officially translated version under the contract with Platts.)
Focus Atomic in Japan
Atomic in Japan
International Symposium
JAIF Annual Conference