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Updated on 26 Dec 2007

pdf26 Dec 2007JT-60 Successfully Controlled from Germany
pdf26 Dec 2007Main Nuclear-related News Events of 2007 in Japan
pdf26 Dec 2007HLW Disposal Plan Revised
pdf26 Dec 2007FNCA Ministerial Level Meeting Calls for Nuclear CDM
pdf19 Dec 2007Uematsu Named to Nuclear Energy Advisory Council(NEAC)
pdf19 Dec 2007Japan's UN Resolution to Abolish Nuclear Weapons Passes with Highest Number Ever
pdf19 Dec 2007TEPCO Reports on Active Fault in Sea off Kashiwazaki
pdf19 Dec 2007TEPCO's Operational Procedures at Kashiwazaki Kariwa NPS During Earthquake Deemed Appropriate
pdf19 Dec 2007TEPCO Decides to Donate Three Billion Yen to Niigata Prefecture
pdf12 Dec 2007JAIF and Others to Sponsor International Aseismicity Symposium in February
pdf12 Dec 2007Capacity Factor for November Remains Low at 56.6%
pdf12 Dec 2007Tomari NPS to Use MOX Fuel
pdf05 Dec 2007Vietnam and Japan to Strengthen Cooperation
pdf05 Dec 2007Japan Signs Document of Cooperation with Indonesia to Help Introduce Nuclear Power
pdf29 Nov 2007Parties Conclude Agreement with DOE on GNEP
pdf29 Nov 2007Plant Testing at Monju Now 20% Complete
pdf28 Nov 2007Nuclear Diplomacy Picks up Pace
pdf21 Nov 2007Seismic Retrofitting Slated for Shika-2 NPS
pdf21 Nov 2007MHI Wins Order for Vessel Head from Brazilian Electronuclear
pdf21 Nov 2007J-PARC Synchrotron Achieves 3GeV
pdf21 Nov 2007INSAF Holds General Meeting in South Carolina
pdf21 Nov 2007JNFL Begins Hot Tests with New Centrifuge
pdf21 Nov 2007Earthquake Effects at Kashiwazaki Kariwa NPS Deemed "Out of Scale " or "Level 0-"
pdf14 Nov 2007Periodic Inspections Hit Peak, Helping Push Capacity Factor Down to 56% in October
pdf14 Nov 2007JNFL Begins Production of Vitrified Packages
pdf14 Nov 2007Next-generation LWRs Regarded as Strategic Priority
pdf14 Nov 2007FNCA: Discussion Panel on Nuclear Power Meets for First Time
pdf07 Nov 2007Nippon Keidanren Looks to Next Generation Reactors
pdf07 Nov 2007MHI Delivers 100th SG
pdf07 Nov 2007The Kashiwazaki Kariwa NPS Today: Three Months after the Earthquake
pdf07 Nov 2007Court Fully Backs Assertions of Chubu Electric Power
pdf07 Nov 2007Comment by JAIF President on Shizuoka District Court Ruling
pdf31 Oct 2007TEPCO Held Meetings for Residents Near Kashiwazaki Kariwa NPS, Receives Encouragement
pdf31 Oct 2007Toshiba to Significantly Strengthen Its Nuclear Engineering Facilities
pdf31 Oct 2007NUPEC to Be Dissolved
pdf31 Oct 2007U.S., France, Japan Signed Agreement on Actinide Cycle
pdf15 Oct 2007TEPCO Begins Ground Deformity Investigation at Kashiwazaki Kariwa
pdf12 Oct 2007Niigata-Chuetsu Earthquake Effects Differed at Each Reactor Unit
pdf11 Oct 2007Industries to Make "Utmost Effort" to Reduce CO2 Emissions by 20%
pdf11 Oct 2007METI to Strengthen International Nuclear Cooperation
pdf10 Oct 2007JNES Creates New Seismic Safety Division
pdf04 Oct 2007Deliberations Underway for Long-term Energy Outlook through 2030
pdf04 Oct 2007Capacity Factor Falls to 62% in September as Many Reactors Start Periodic Inspections
pdf02 Oct 2007AEC Chairman Indicates Possible Consideration of Retrieving HLW
pdf02 Oct 2007Turbines at Hamaoka-5 to Be Fully Restored in 2009
pdf01 Oct 2007No Problems Found in Major Equipment at Kashiwazaki Kariwa-1 after July Earthquake
pdf28 Sep 2007MHI Receives Order for Two STGs for Sanmen NPS in China
pdf27 Sep 2007JAIF and JANTI Organize Earthquake Booth at IAEA General Conference
pdf26 Sep 2007Prime Minister Fukuda Forms New Cabinet
pdf25 Sep 2007Kyushu Electric Acquires Interest in Kazakh Uranium Mine
pdf25 Sep 2007Westinghouse Purchases French Nuclear Energy Firm
pdf20 Sep 2007Utilities Confirm Safety of Key Facilities
pdf20 Sep 2007China and Japan to Boost Cooperation in Particle-beam Research
pdf18 Sep 2007MEXT Reports on Safeguards Activities in 2006
pdf14 Sep 2007JAIF Has First Liaison Meeting with Science Officers from Tokyo Embassies
pdf14 Sep 2007Recovery Work at Kashiwazaki-Kariwa NPS Moves into Full Swing
pdf13 Sep 2007JAIF, KAIF to Stage Japan-Korea Nuclear Industrial Seminar in Pusan
pdf12 Sep 2007Japanese Manufacturers to Take Initiative Developing New World-class Reactors
pdf12 Sep 2007Government May Gain Power to Propose Investigations for HLW Disposal Facility Siting
pdf09 Sep 2007Increased Nuclear Technology Cooperation Between Japan and Australia
pdf07 Sep 2007Reprocessing Plant Not to Be Finished Until February
pdf06 Sep 2007Second Stage of Hearings Held on Construction of MOX Plant
pdf04 Sep 2007Increase of Almost Ten Percent in Preliminary Nuclear-related Budget Requests for Fiscal 2008
pdf03 Sep 2007ATMEA: Name of New Joint Venture Announced by MHI and Areva
pdf01 Sep 2007Vice Chairman Hattori Named JAIF President
pdf27 Aug 2007Cabinet Reshuffle: METI and MEXT Ministers Retain Posts
pdf24 Aug 2007METI Announces Estimated Nuclear-related Budget Requests
pdf23 Aug 2007New Inspection System: Lengthened Intervals between Periodic Inspections
pdf22 Aug 2007Japan-India Summit: Prime Ministers Agree on Importance of Nuclear Power
pdf20 Aug 2007Toshiba to Participate in Kazakhstan Uranium Project
pdf17 Aug 2007IAEA Highly Evaluates Safety at Kashiwazaki Kariwa NPS
pdf13 Aug 2007Toshiba to Sell Part of Its Westinghouse Holdings to Kazatomprom
pdf08 Aug 2007Working Committee Meets for Second Time, Visiting Kashiwazaki Kariwa NPS
pdf07 Aug 2007AEC Draws Up Official Opinion about Earthquake Response
pdf05 Aug 2007IAEA Investigatory Team Arrives at Kashiwazaki Kariwa NPS
pdf31 Jul 2007All Possible Efforts To Be Made for Comprehensive Seismic Measures
pdf31 Jul 2007Preparations Moving Forward to Establish India-Japan Cooperation Review Committee
pdf30 Jul 2007Total Deregulation of Electricity Market to Be Postponed
pdf30 Jul 2007TEPCO Says Summer Power Supply Can Be Guaranteed with Average Temperatures
pdf26 Jul 2007Government Makes Unusual Request to Foreign Media to Issue Accurate Information
pdf24 Jul 2007Government Asks METI to Help Dispel Harmful Rumors after Earthquake Damage
pdf24 Jul 2007TEPCO Claims No Earthquake Damage to Equipment of A-level Importance
pdf19 Jul 2007Views of the NSC Chairman on the Niigata-Chuetsu Earthquake
pdf18 Jul 2007Consequences of Niigata Chuetsu Offshore Earthquake
pdf17 Jul 2007JAIF Chairman Holds Meeting with Shimane Governor
pdf10 Jul 2007MHI and Areva to Create Joint Venture to Develop Mid-size Reactors
pdf06 Jul 2007Panel Discussion Held in Tokyo on Food Irradiation
pdf06 Jul 2007Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Begins Detection of Irradiated Foods
pdf05 Jul 2007JEMA, MHI and MFBR Sign Basic Agreement on FBR Development
pdf04 Jul 2007METI Gives Permit for MOX-use Program at Hamaoka-4
pdf03 Jul 2007JAEA Organizes Base for International Fusion Research
pdf03 Jul 2007FEPC Asks to Consider Possible Increase in Workplace Rigidity Resulting from Revised Ministerial Order
pdf02 Jul 2007Aomori Prefecture Study Group Explores Issue of Fostering Human Resources
pdf29 Jun 2007Hokuriku Electric Power Establishes Nuclear Power Headquarters in Shika
pdf26 Jun 2007MOX-use Program at Hamaoka-4 Deemed Safe
pdf25 Jun 2007IAEA Visits Japan to Evaluate Nuclear Safety Regulations
pdf22 Jun 2007Rokkasho Aims at Developing a "Science and Technology Creation Zone"
pdf21 Jun 2007JAIF Newly Establishes Position of Executive President
pdf18 Jun 2007JNFL Reports on Third Stage Testing
pdf07 Jun 2007Local Governments: "Inspections from the Perspective of Preventive Maintenance"
pdf06 Jun 2007FBR Joyo Receives Nuclear Landmark Award
pdf06 Jun 2007Bill Enacted to Partially Revise Final Disposal Act and Other Laws
pdf06 Jun 2007Discussions Resume Toward Ensuring an HLW Disposal Site
pdf04 Jun 2007GE and Hitachi Aim to Develop PWR Business
pdf02 Jun 2007Democratic Party of Japan Positions Nuclear Power as Core Power Source
pdf01 Jun 2007JAIF Chairman Comments on Power Utilities' Measures to Prevent Coverups
pdf29 May 2007Strategies Drawn Up to Make Japan World Environmental Leader
pdf28 May 2007Base for ITER-related Research to Be Established in Rokkasho
pdf25 May 2007Cabinet Approves Fiscal 2006 Energy White Paper
pdf24 May 2007Prime Minister Proposes Halving Worldwide CO2 Emissions by 2050
pdf23 May 2007Sodium Re-injected at Monju
pdf21 May 2007Utilities Issue Action Plans to Prevent Recurrence of Improper Behavior
pdf20 May 2007[News IN Brief] Toyo Town Enacts Ordinance Refusing HLW
pdf16 May 2007Hitachi and GE Agree to Set Up Three New Companies
pdf15 May 2007Lower House Passes Final Disposal Bill for HLW
pdf15 May 2007JANTI Cautions Power Utilities about Control-rod Operation
pdf14 May 2007MHI Ramps Up Production of Turbines
pdf30 Apr 2007Japan and Khazahstan Issue Joint Statement on Nuclear Cooperation
pdf26 Apr 2007Japan and Russia Start Negotiating Atomic Energy Cooperation Agreement
pdf26 Apr 2007JNFL Completes Third Stage of Active Testing at Rokkasho
pdf26 Apr 2007METI Accepts NUMO's Acknowledgment of Toyo's Withdrawal from HLW Disposal Site Studies
pdf24 Apr 2007JAIF Chairman Imai Visits Governor Kato of Ehime
pdf24 Apr 2007Marubeni and Power Utilities to Participate in Kazakhstan Uranium Project
pdf24 Apr 2007Opponent Trounces Former Mayor in Toyo Town Mayoral Election
pdf23 Apr 2007First Indo-Japan Energy Dialogue Held at METI
pdf19 Apr 2007U.S. and Japan Ink Joint Nuclear Energy Action Plan
pdf18 Apr 2007JNFL Finds Mistakes in Aseismic Calculations
pdf18 Apr 2007JAIF Chairman Imai Visits Miyagi Prefecture
pdf18 Apr 2007MHI Seleted as Primary Company to Lead FBR Development
pdf13 Apr 2007Electricity Industry Subcommittee Leery about General Deregulation
pdf12 Apr 2007JAIF Annual Conference Statement
pdf11 Apr 2007JANTI Meets Press on Criticality Incident at Shika-1
pdf11 Apr 2007Hokuriku Electric Clarifies View on 1999 Criticality at Shika-1
pdf11 Apr 2007MHI, Areva Move Forward on Joint, Full-MOX Reactor
pdf11 Apr 2007Mitsubishi Subsidiary Invests in Canadian Uranium Mining Firm
pdf10 Apr 2007JAIF Opens 2007 Annual Conference in Aomori
pdf09 Apr 2007Twelve Utilities Submit Preventive Measures in Response to Improprieties
pdf05 Apr 2007Toyo Mayor Tashima Resigns, But Runs fo Reelection
pdf04 Apr 2007JAEA and US DOE Ink Agreement
pdf04 Apr 2007JAIF Chairman Imai Visits Ibaraki Governor
pdf30 Mar 2007Reports of 97 Nuclear-related Cases of Impropriety
pdf30 Mar 2007FY2007 Electricity Supply Plans Released - Nuclear's Share to Grow to 41% by 2016
pdf30 Mar 2007JNFL to Join Hands with Areva to Participate in GNEP
pdf30 Mar 2007FEPC Reports on General Inspection of Power-generating Facilities
pdf28 Mar 2007METI Authorizes Documentary Survey at Toyo
pdf27 Mar 2007Toyo Town Votes Against Local Referendum Ordinance
pdf22 Mar 2007TEPCO Also Reveals Prior Criticality Incident
pdf20 Mar 2007AEC Issues White Paper on Nuclear Energy
pdf19 Mar 2007Aomori Governor Asks NISA to Deal With Shika-1 Cover-up Firmly
pdf19 Mar 2007Comment by the JAIF Chairman
pdf19 Mar 2007Hokuriku Electric Rocked by Scandal: Criticality Accident Cover-up
pdf01 Mar 2007TEPCO Reports Additional Data Falsifications
pdf28 Feb 2007Russia and Japan Commence Talks on Nuclear Cooperation Agreement
pdf28 Feb 2007NUMO Applies to Begin Documentary Studies for HLW Disposal Site at Toyo Town
pdf28 Feb 2007Kochi Governor Entreats METI Minister Not to Allow HLW Disposal Site in Toyo Town
pdf26 Feb 2007Government to Send High-level Joint Mission to Kazakhstan to Secure Uranium Resources
pdf23 Feb 2007Participation in Vietnam Nuclear Development to Be Led by JAPC
pdf20 Feb 2007Construction Delays for MOX Fablication Plant
pdf20 Feb 2007Niigata Governor Asks METI Minister for Effective Inspection System
pdf11 Feb 2007Chubu Electric's Hamaoka-5 Reconnected to the Grid
pdf07 Feb 2007Full Operation Resumes at Mihama-3 NPS
pdf06 Feb 2007NUMO Will Requests ANRE to Start Documentary Studies by March 31
pdf05 Feb 2007Data Falsification May Accelerate Improvement of Inspection System
pdf05 Feb 2007JAIF Chairman Pays Visit to Kagoshima Prefecture
pdf02 Feb 2007Saga Prefectual Assembly Rejects Bill for Local Referendum Ordinance
pdf31 Jan 2007Operation of Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant to Start in November 2007
pdf26 Jan 2007NUMO Accepts Toyo Town's Application to Become Final Radwaste Disposal Site
pdf25 Jan 2007Bill to Revise Reactor Regulations Submitted to Regular Session of Diet
pdf25 Jan 2007Mayor Announces Toyo Town's Renewed Application to Become HLW Disposal Site
pdf25 Jan 2007Mitsubishi Electric Expand Business for Particle-beam Cancer Therapy Equipment
pdf22 Jan 2007Citizens Group Calls for Referendum on MOX Fuel at Genkai-3
pdf17 Jan 2007Interim Report on Physical Protection in Connection with Business of Radwaste Disposal
pdf15 Jan 2007Active Testing Looks Set for Third Stage
pdf11 Jan 2007Mihama-3 NPS Resumes Operation for Adjustment
pdf05 Jan 2007JAIF Holds New Year Party
pdf01 Jan 2007Nippon Keidanren Announces Its Vision