Fukushima Daiichi Status of Fukushima Daiichi NPS
Status of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, and responses towards restoration of Unit 1-4 are updated for your information.
NPPs in Japan Status of Nuclear Power Units at and after the Earthquake
Shown in a Table are the status of all nuclear power units in Japan at the Earthquake and the latest status.
Environmental Impact Environmental Impacts of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident
Environmental impacts of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident are updated in a Table.
The attached map summarizes the concentrations of radioactive materials in the soil and the seawater around Fukushima.
Ene&Nucl Policies Energy and Nuclear Policies after the Fukushima Nuclear Accident
Developments in energy and nuclear policies after the Fukushima accident are summarized.
public opinion Trend of Public Opinions on Nuclear Energy after the Fukushima Nuclear Accident
Results of public opinion polls on nuclear energy conducted by NHK and Japanese newspapers are summarized.