Currency and Expenditure

TransportationCurrency and Expenditure

Currency Exchange

Be sure to prepare Japanese Yen for your trip.
You can either change money before you leave your country or at the Airport on your arrival in Japan.
Please remember there are currencies that cannot be exchanged in Japan.

Detailed information on currency exchange can be found on the following Websites

Other money services are also available at the airports.

For your information;

The approximate amount of money 10月required to participate in the School is 250,000 Yen.

Transportation Fee*1 6,380 Yen
Using trains from Narita Airport to the Hongo-sanchome Station
      3,190 Yen/one way × 2 times (to and from) = 6,380 Yen
*1 If you will arrive at Haneda Airport from your country, transportation fee from Haneda Airport to Hongo Sancho-me station is 1,640 Yen. (820 Yen/one way)
Accommodation Fee*2 173,012 Yen
Tokyo (Forest Hongo)
      10,300 Yen/night (no meals) ×13 Nights (7/15~7/22, 7/27~8/2) = 133,900 Yen
Fukushima (J-Village)
      9,288 Yen/night (Breakfast included) ×1 Nights (7/22~7/23) = 9,288 Yen
Shin-Yokohama (Shin-Yokohama Prince Hotel)
      8,500 Yen/night (no meals) ×1 Nights (7/23~7/24) = 8,500 Yen
Tsuruga (Manten Hotel)
      7,500 Yen/night (Breakfast included) ×1 Nights (7/24~7/25) = 7,500 Yen
Kobe (Hotel Piena Kobe)
      6,912 Yen/night (no meals) ×2 Nights (7/25~7/27) = 13,824 Yen
*2 You can also pay accommodation fee by credit card at the hotels.
Meals (in average) 48,000 Yen
Breakfast: 1,200 Yen × 13 times at Forests Hongo (if desired) = 15,600 Yen
Lunch:         800 Yen × 18 times (7/16~8/2) = 14,400Yen
Dinner:      1,200 Yen × 15 times (7/16~8/2 excepting 3 Receptions) = 18,000 Yen

To eat breakfast at Hotel Forest Hongo, please inform the front desk when you check in. Charges apply. (1,200 Yen)

We recommend you to use Co-op Daini Dining Hall “Daini Shokudo” where various dishes including halal food are available at reasonable prices during the School in Tokyo.


  • International Atomic Energy Agency
  • Japan Nuclear Human Resource Development Network
  • JAIF International Cooperation Center
  • Japan Atomic Energy Agency
  • Japan Atomic Industrial Forum
  • National Institute of Technology, Japan
  • National Institute of Technology, Fukushima College
  • The University of Tokyo