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Current StatusConstruction resumed on 2012-10-01
Applications for Restart2014-12-16

ABWR  1383MWe (gross)



Construction Start:
Main contractor:
Hitachi GE/Toshiba
Architect Engineer:
Hitachi GE/Toshiba
Reactor System supplier:
Hitachi GE
Reactor Vessel supplier:
Hitachi GE
Incore Structure supplier:
Hitachi GE
Fuel supplier:
Steam raising supplier:
Turbine generator supplier:
Civil works:
2013-07-08 2014-12-16        

New Regulatory Standards came into effect

Applications by Operator

Application for Permission to Install a Reactor
(Basic design)

NRA Approval

Local Consent
(not a legal requirement)

Restart the reactor

Application for Approval of Construction Plan
(Detailed design based on basic design)

NRA Approval

Pre-service Inspection by NRA

Application for Approval of Operational Safety Program
(Matters regarding operations, including operational safety)

NRA Approval

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“The current situation at Fukushima Daiichi NPS” -From 3.11 toward the future- (ver, July 2019)

8 July, 2019
“The current situation at Fukushima Daiichi NPS” -From 3.11 toward the future- (ver, July 2019)09:17

Recent News

16 August, 2019
Two-day International Forum on Decommissioning Fukushima Daiichi Focuses on Coexistence and Co-prosperity with Local Communities
16 August, 2019
Proponents for Above-ground HLW Management Lose in Chiba University Debate
9 August, 2019
NRA Exchanges Views with President Sakamoto of RFS, Which Pledges to Make Its Utmost Efforts
9 August, 2019
IRID Symposium Held in Fukushima, with Students Explaining Their Research on Fuel Debris Removal
8 August, 2019
TEPCO Decides to Decommission All Four Fukushima Daini Units
8 August, 2019
JAERO President Masumoto Reports to JAEC on Activities and Accumulation of Knowhow in the 50 Years since Establishment
2 August, 2019
Tohoku Electric Power Applies for Approval of Onagawa-1 Decommissioning Plan
2 August, 2019
IEEJ’s 2020 Economic and Energy Outlook Compares Effects of Completing and Not Completing Anti-Terrorism Facilities at Japan’s NPPs
1 August, 2019
JAEC Chairman Oka Remembers IAEA Director General Amano
1 August, 2019
NRA Deliberates Response by Takahama NPPs against Potential Tsunamis Caused by Underwater Landslides