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1 May, 2015

Zengenkyo Submits Request to Japanese Government on Decommissioning

On April 27, the All Japan Council of Local Governments with Atomic Power Stations (Zengenkyo) submitted a written request on decommissioning of nuclear power plants to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI).

After decisions were recently made to decommission five NPPs at four locations, the council reconfirmed its support of the national policy to use nuclear power as an important base-load power source. In turn, it requested the national government to work responsibly on the decommissioning.

Zengenkyo asked the national government, when carrying out its decommissioning efforts, to work to resolve various issues — through close guidance, monitoring and initiative — related to the treatment and disposal of waste to be generated from the decommissioning work.

It also asked the government to develop appropriate regulatory standards, thereby promoting public understanding of the waste clearance system.

Additional requests made by Zengenkyo include the following:

  • Extension of the period for grants available under the three laws on power-source siting, up through the completion of the demolishing and dismantling of the facilities in question.
  • Financial support to invigorate local economies and to carry out employment measures in siting municipalities, including the establishment of a new system of grants.
  • Support for the diversification of the industrial structure, including the creation of new industries, and invitations to firms “compatible with regional characteristics.”

The council also urged the government to strive to thoroughly explain the importance and necessity of nuclear power to the public in siting municipalities as well as in the nation at large.


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8 July, 2019
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