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25 September, 2017

NRA to Expand Application Period for Examinations to Extend Lifetimes of Aging Reactors

On September 20, the Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) of Japan announced that it would revise several of its conditions for examining so-called "aging reactors"—defined as those nearing forty years of service—for the extension of their lifetime.

Currently, the period for applying for such an examination is a narrow three-month window: specifically, the final three months of a reactor's thirty-eighth year of operation. The start of the application period is expected to be moved forward to the beginning of a reactor's thirty-fifth year of operation, which would substantially reduce the burden and pressure on power utilities. The operational lifetime of a nuclear power plant in Japan is restricted in principle to forty years. To extend that lifetime, separate examinations by the NRA are required for extending and restarting them. If an NPP clears the lifetime-extension examination, its operating lifetime can be extended for up to another twenty years, on a one-off basis. As mentioned above, the acceptance of an application for ...more
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A New Chapter Begins.

1 September, 2017
A New Chapter Begins.04:55

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