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    Voices from Nuclear Industry – Contributing to a clean and resilient recovery

    3 September, 2020
    Voices from Nuclear Industry – Contributing to a clean and resilient recovery03:59

    Recent News

    3 December, 2020
    MHI Launches New Strategy to Achieve Carbon Neutrality by 2050
    26 November, 2020
    JAIF Releases Results of Fact-finding Survey of Japanese Nuclear Industry for Fiscal 2019: Some Effects Seen of COVID-19
    24 November, 2020
    Japan’s Energy Supply and Demand in Fiscal 2019 Shows CO2 Emissions Down for Sixth Year in a Row
    24 November, 2020
    NUMO Accepts Applications from Two Municipalities to Conduct Literature Surveys, Moving Closer Toward Selecting HLW Final Disposal Site
    16 November, 2020
    Kyushu Electric Power Starts Operating Facilities at Sendai-1 NPP Designed for “Specific Severe Accident” Response—First Time in Japan
    13 November, 2020
    Japan’s NRA Approves Changes to Mutsu Recyclable-Fuel Storage Center after Confirming Regulatory Compliance
    13 November, 2020
    Keidanren Announces New Growth Strategy Supporting Advanced Reactor Development
    29 October, 2020
    New Prime Minister Suga Enthusiastic for Carbon-Free Society by 2050
    16 October, 2020
    Government’s Strategic Policy Committee Starts Deliberations toward Revision of Strategic Energy Plan
    13 October, 2020
    NUMO Accepts Suttsu’s Application for Literature Survey in Selecting HLW Final Disposal Site—First Since Release of Map of Scientific Features