“Who could have imagined,” the White Paper asks introspectively, “the scope of an accident causing such serious damage to people and regional communities for more than ten years?” It cites the problem of “ungrounded rumor and reputation damage,” and urges that those, too, not be forgotten.

It also calls on all people concerned with nuclear energy not only to learn the lessons of the accident, so that no such accident can occur again, but also to “remember the memories” as well as the fact that the negative reputation resulting from the accident remains, inflicting suffering on the people of Fukushima.

The White Paper goes on to say that the issue of ungrounded rumors obstructs recovery and reconstruction. It says that steady efforts are needed by individuals, including “not only professional activities, but simple efforts such as knowing Fukushima better—going there, eating there.”

The White Paper is available for viewing at the following site: http://www.aec.go.jp/jicst/NC/eng/210914_whitepaper.pdf