As the entire world stands at a critical crossroads in terms of energy security and decarbonization, many countries are reconsidering nuclear power, and with government support, there is a trend toward active use of nuclear power generation. In Japan, significant progress has been made on the policy front, including the establishment of the “Basic Policy for the Realization of GX” aiming for a shift to a clean energy-centered socio-economic and industrial structure, the decision on the “Future Nuclear Energy Policy Direction and Action Guidelines,” which outlines the six pillars related to nuclear energy policies, and the enactment of the “GX Decarbonization Power Supply Bill”.

In order to fulfill the role of nuclear power as an industry in response to these policy movements, it is necessary to develop a business environment that takes into account the characteristics of demonstrating excellent economic efficiency of nuclear power through long-term stable operation.

Looking ahead to Japan’s 7th Strategic Energy Plan, the 57th conference, through discussions based on the “Future Nuclear Energy Policy Direction and Action Guidelines”, will provide an opportunity for Japan to receive recommendations about the future of Japan’s nuclear energy policy and the direction of solving industrial challenges such as backend processes and strengthening of the human resources base.

Registration will open in late February.

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