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Restart: 2018-03-14
Age: 31
Reactor Type: PWR
Gross Output: 1180MWe
Net Output: 1127MWe
Owner: Kansai EPCO
Operator: Kansai EPCO
Applications for Restart: 2013-07-08
NRA's Approval for basic design: 2017-05-24
NRA's Approval for detailed design: 2017-08-25
NRA's Approval of operational safety: 2017-09-01
Date of order: 1987
Construction Start: 1987-05
Concrete placing: 1987-10
Initial Criticality: 1991-05-17
Grid connection: 1991-06
Commercial Operation: 1991-12-18
Main contractor: MHI
Architect Engineer: Kansai EPCO/MAPI
Reactor System supplier: MHI
Reactor Vessel supplier: MHI
Incore Structure supplier: MHI
Fuel supplier: MNF
Steam raising supplier: MHI
Turbine generator supplier: MHI
Civil works: various