Many eminent experts around the world, including those from the field of radiology, participated in the analyses and compilation of a report based on over 500 scientific papers and investigations. Based on detailed evaluations of residents’ evacuation routes, etc., the report found that exposure dose was initially overestimated, and concluded that health implications, including cancer due to radiation exposure, were unlikely.

Because of the number of independent experts involved in the investigations based on the latest data, it was emphasized that the conclusion was unlikely to change substantially in the future.

Dr. Gillian HIRTH, past chair of the committee, presented the conclusion that “future cancer rates that could be inferred from radiation exposure from this accident are unlikely to be discernible.” An increase in children’s thyroid cancer in the area after the accident was attributed to “extensive, ultra sensitive screening.”

The members then held meetings with residents, students and scientists in Fukushima City on July 20, in Iwaki City, Minamisoma City and Naraha Town on July 21, and in Tokyo on July 22.