The parties agreed to cooperate in the following six areas:

・ Approaching governments and international organizations to promote understanding of the utilization of nuclear energy for diverse purposes, and to expand support for nuclear power, which contributes to resolving energy security and the climate crisis.

・ Supporting accelerated innovation in clean nuclear technology and international activities of the nuclear industry, as well as sharing information related to business environments conducive to investment in technological development, the introduction of small modular reactors (SMRs), advanced reactors, and so forth.

・Promoting human resource development through international exchange activities under various initiatives focused on the younger generation.

・Sharing information related to support for supply chains and promoting opportunities for participation.

・Sharing information in the area of the fuel cycle backend and promoting opportunities for participation.

・Participating in mutually beneficial operations and events to be hosted by each other.

Yves DESBAZEILLE, Director General of nucleareurope, recognized and expressed gratitude for the cooperative activities with JAIF since 2012. Reiterating their mutual understanding that achieving a decarbonized society would not be possible without nuclear energy, he said that he hoped the two organizations would work on issues common throughout the nuclear industry, playing complementary roles.

ARAI Shiro, JAIF President, conveyed his strong determination that JAIF would, through its reinforced cooperation with nucleareurope, continue to work to strengthen the infrastructure of the nuclear industry, promote nuclear power as a contribution to resolving energy security and climate crisis, promote nuclear innovation, and so forth.

nucleareurope,” known as Foratom until June 2022, is a Brussels-based trade association for the nuclear energy industry in Europe, playing the role of speaking for the industry in discussions on energy with EU organizations and other key parties. Its membership comprises 15 national nuclear associations and six other entities.