Takahama-2 made its debut as Japan’s tenth commercial reactor on November 14, 1975, exactly one year after Takahama-1. It now boasts the second longest operating duration in Japan, from the commencement of commercial service.

Compatibility examinations of Takahama-1 and -2 under the new regulatory standards were essentially carried out in parallel. Permission was given to both to make changes to their reactor installations (basic design approvals) in 2016, and agreements were reached in 2021 with local communities on restarting them.

Takahama-1 was restarted on August 2, 2023, ahead of Takahama-2, and went back online on August 28. Takahama-2 was restarted on September 15 after an emergency response building, referred to in the standards as a “specific safety facility,” became operational on August 13.

Takahama-2 could return to commercial operation as early as October 16, after adjustment operations and a final inspection by the Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA).

With the restart of Takahama-2, all seven NPPs (6,578MW) owned by Kansai EP―Mihama-3, Takahama-1, -2, -3 and -4, and Oi-3 and -4―are generating power again.