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26 September, 2017

Responsibility for Explaining the Unknowable

"The situation at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Station is so serious!"
"People are sick because of radioactivity."

Dr. Sae OchiSae Ochi, M.D., M.P.H., Ph.D. Lecturer, Department of Laboratory Medicine, The Jikei University School of Medicine Attending Physician, Soma Central Hospital On September 15, those were the top two articles from a Google Japan search in Japanese for "Fukushima" plus "radioactivity." Objective data, including a map of radioactivity distributions, was third. I cannot but feel that unfounded fears and rumors about Fukushima remain firmly rooted. And speaking out against them—about the calm recognition of facts and correct knowledge—is not enough to eliminate the vague sense of terror associated with Fukushima. That is what we have learned over the past seven years. No matter how they are explained, and no matter how easy they are to understand, ‘facts’ cannot always be conveyed. Tha...more
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Fuel Handling Machine: TRAINING

2 February, 2018
Fuel Handling Machine: TRAINING02:17

Recent News

20 February, 2018
Chugoku Electric Power Applies to NRA for Compatibility Examination for Shimane-3
5 February, 2018
Usage Rate of Locally-Produced Materials in Fukushima Prefecture School Lunches Returns to Pre-Accident Levels
5 February, 2018
Seven of Japan’s Ten Power Companies See Falling Profits Due to Higher Fuel Costs: Key Is Restarting NPPs
5 February, 2018
Shikoku Electric Power Enjoys Increased Revenues after Ikata-3 Restart
2 February, 2018
Capacity Factor of Sendai-1 Last Year Was 106.7%
31 January, 2018
With Kashiwazaki Kariwa-6 & 7 Approved, JAIF President Hopes Other BWRs Will Get the Green Light, Too
29 January, 2018
Japan’s NRA Exchanges Views with JAPC President Muramatsu, a Firm Believer in Thorough Safety
29 January, 2018
JAEC Special Committee Addresses Draft Revisions to Nuclear Damage Compensation System
24 January, 2018
TEPCO Peers into Primary Containment Vessel at Fukushima Daiichi-2, Confirming Likelihood That Sediment Is Fuel Debris
15 January, 2018
ANRE Head Meets Niigata Governor on Kashiwazaki Kariwa, Delivers Document from METI Minister