The N20 members underlined the essential contribution of the nuclear energy to reach carbon neutrality and to ensure the security of energy supply with respect to the current energy crisis in the joint statement. Both countries are regarding develop the human resources and reinforce the supply chain highly, and they insisted on the need to see new nuclear projects launched in both countries. The significance of security aspects was also highlighted during the meeting.

Philippe Stohr, Energy Division Director, the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), said at the N20 meeting, “The energy crisis in Europe triggered by the Ukraine crisis and droughts and fires caused by climate change have raised expectations for nuclear energy as a decarbonized energy source.” He emphasized that “France and Japan share common strategic interests in innovation, closed fuel cycles, human resources and supply chains, and both France and Japan will work together to accelerate the performance of the nuclear industry.” Shiro Arai, President, the Japan Atomic Industrial Forum (JAIF), said, ” Tailwind is blowing for nuclear power on a global scale. It is important for Japan and France to cooperate with each other in order to maximize the utilization of nuclear energy.


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