In his meeting with Secretary Granholm on January 9, under circumstances of rising global concerns for energy security, the two discussed strengthening the Japan-U.S. Clean Energy and Energy Security Initiative (CEESI), including nuclear power, which was launched in May 2022. After the meeting, the two issued a joint statement.

DOE also noted the significance of the proposed Grand Design for Future Nuclear Policy and Guidelines for Action Toward Realization, recently put forward by the Japanese government.

In the joint statement, METI and DOE both expressed their intention to cultivate nuclear cooperation opportunities domestically and in third countries, including the development and construction of SMRs (small moduler reactors) and other next-generation advanced reactors. The two countries will also endeavor to use existing reactors to the maximum extent and establish resilient supply chains among like-minded countries for nuclear fuels, including uranium fuel, and nuclear components and systems.

A course of action on energy cooperation was confirmed at the Japan-U.S. summit conference on January 13.