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NPPs in Japan


Plant Name Plant Status (official) Type of Reactor Current Status
Fugen CD ATR Under decommissioning
Fukushima Daiichi-1 CD BWR Under decommissioning
Fukushima Daiichi-2 CD BWR Under decommissioning
Fukushima Daiichi-3 CD BWR Under decommissioning
Fukushima Daiichi-4 CD BWR Under decommissioning
Fukushima Daiichi-5 CD BWR Under decommissioning
Fukushima Daiichi-6 CD BWR Under decommissioning
Fukushima Daini-1 OP BWR Outage since 2011-03-11
Fukushima Daini-2 OP BWR Outage since 2011-03-11
Fukushima Daini-3 OP BWR Outage since 2011-03-11
Fukushima Daini-4 OP BWR Outage since 2011-03-11
Genkai-1 CD PWR Permanent shutdown
Genkai-2 OP PWR Outage since 2011-01-29
Genkai-3 OP PWR in Operation
Genkai-4 OP PWR Outage since 2011-12-25
Hamaoka-1 CD BWR Under decommissioning
Hamaoka-2 CD BWR Under decommissioning
Hamaoka-3 OP BWR Outage since 2010-11-29
Hamaoka-4 OP BWR Outage since 2011-05-13
Hamaoka-5 OP ABWR Outage since 2011-05-14
Hamaoka-6 PL ABWR Planning
Ikata-1 CD PWR Permanent shutdown
Ikata-2 CD PWR Permanent shutdown
Ikata-3 OP PWR in Operation
Kaminoseki-1 PL ABWR Planning
Kaminoseki-2 PL ABWR Planning
Kashiwazaki Kariwa-1 OP BWR Outage since 2011-08-06
Kashiwazaki Kariwa-2 OP BWR Outage since 2007-07-05
Kashiwazaki Kariwa-3 OP BWR Outage since 2007-07-16
Kashiwazaki Kariwa-4 OP BWR Outage since 2007-07-16
Kashiwazaki Kariwa-5 OP BWR Outage since 2012-01-25
Kashiwazaki Kariwa-6 OP ABWR Outage since 2012-03-26
Kashiwazaki Kariwa-7 OP ABWR Outage since 2011-08-23
Mihama-1 CD PWR Permanent shutdown
Mihama-2 CD PWR Permanent shutdown
Mihama-3 OP PWR Outage since 2011-05-14
Monju CD FBR Permanent shutdown
Ohi-1 CD PWR Permanent shutdown
Ohi-2 CD PWR Permanent shutdown
Ohi-3 OP PWR in Operation
Ohi-4 OP PWR in Operation
Ohma UC ABWR Construction resumed on 2012-10-01
Onagawa-1 OP BWR Outage since 2011-03-11
Onagawa-2 OP BWR Outage since 2010-11-06
Onagawa-3 OP BWR Outage since 2011-03-11
Sendai-1 OP PWR in Operation
Sendai-2 OP PWR in Operation
Sendai-3 PL APWR Planning
Shika-1 OP BWR Outage since 2011-03-11
Shika-2 OP ABWR Outage since 2011-03-11
Shimane-1 CD BWR Permanent shutdown
Shimane-2 OP BWR Outage since 2012-01-27
Shimane-3 UC ABWR almost complete
Takahama-1 OP PWR Outage since 2011-01-10
Takahama-2 OP PWR Outage since 2011-11-25
Takahama-3 OP PWR in Operation
Takahama-4 OP PWR in Operation
Tohoku/Higashidori-1 OP BWR Outage since 2011-02-06
Tohoku/Higashidori-2 PL ABWR Planning
Tokai-1 CD GCR Under decommissioning
Tokai-2 OP BWR Outage since 2011-03-11
Tokyo/Higashidori-1 UC ABWR Construction suspended since 2011-03-11
Tokyo/Higashidori-2 PL ABWR Planning
Tomari-1 OP PWR Outage since 2011-04-22
Tomari-2 OP PWR Outage since 2011-08-26
Tomari-3 OP PWR Outage since 2012-05-05
Tsuruga-1 CD BWR Permanent shutdown
Tsuruga-2 OP PWR Outage since 2011-05-07
Tsuruga-3 PL APWR Planning
Tsuruga-4 PL APWR Planning
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7 May, 2018

Recent News

21 June, 2018
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20 June, 2018
Fukui Governor Castigates NRA Chairman over Slow Examinations
20 June, 2018
New Association to Be Launched in July, with Ei Kadokami at the Helm
15 June, 2018
Fukushima Daini NPPs to Be Decommissioned as Well
12 June, 2018
Cabinet Approves FY2017 White Paper on Energy Policy, Including Overview from Mid-1800s to 2050
11 June, 2018
Nuclear Energy Buyers Guide in Japan 2018-19 is now available
4 June, 2018
TEPCO Opens Up Space in Common Pool at Fukushima Daiichi to Receive Spent Fuel from Unit 3
30 May, 2018
Shikoku Electric Power Applies to Install Spent Fuel Dry Storage Facility for Operation in 2023
29 May, 2018
JAIF President Sees HTGRs Carrying Japanese Technology to World, Helping to Secure Human Resources
28 May, 2018
ANRE Verifies Summer Electricity Supply and Demand Projections, Expecting 3% Reserve Capacity Margin in All Service Areas